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What is NFBPA?  

National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA).

NFBPA propaganda quite often offers expertise of how to deal with "white counterparts",  and compares situations of "blacks" vs "whites" .   Speaks of instances of racism from whites.   Always geared toward the reaction of the black race.

"Black administrators find they sometimes have to set the ethical bar higher than their White counterparts to avoid negative repercussions. " -- http://www.nfbpa.org/files/journal/p12-17.pdf

However,  NFBPA  has wavered and took notice of the historic and projected rise in the population of Hispanics, as noted in their 2020 Projection made in 2010.

NFBPA created a 10 year plan for recruitment, with many things taken into consideration for projecting the Black Administrator out there, to seize all the public offices they can!  

NFBPA will groom youth into positions of administration, from high school, and get them a mentor in public service to follow them into management.

Who can join NFBPA?

Anyone. However, each member agrees to promote blacks over all others.

 What is the mission of NFBPA?

The mission of the NFBPA is embodied in the organization’s commitment to strengthen the position of Blacks within the field of public administration; to increase the number of Blacks appointed to executive positions in public service organizations; and, to groom and prepare younger, aspiring administrators for senior public management posts in the years ahead.

The NFBPA mission is realized through the pursuit of the following important goals: To serve the magnet organization for linking public, private and academic institutions into an effective network to support interdisciplinary communications, management innovation and professional development among Blacks choosing public service careers.

To provide intensive and rigorous training in critical management areas in response to the specialized needs of Black public sector professionals.

To identify and groom younger, emerging Black administrators and provide relevant exposure to the challenges and rewards of public service careers.

To conduct research on selected social and economic issues endemic to Blacks.

To sponsor and conduct national and regional forums that enable the discussion of timely issues and topical concerns of the Black community.

To develop and maintain a national information bank on the nation’s growing Black public administrative leadership.

To promote, strengthen and expand the roles of Blacks in all aspects of public administration.

ref: http://www.nfbpa.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3282

Why would someone join NFBPA when there are other organizations already in place that offer the same things?  

Because other organizations do not promote blacks only. 

Why does Savannah need a NFBPA chapter when Affirmative Action * has been place since 1964 ?  

* Van Johnson, founder and President, founded the Savannah Metropolitan NFBPA Chapter in 2007.

Johnson still claims today (2012 and 51 years after the onset of Affirmative Action)  that there is a need in Savannah, for NFBPA, because, Johnson stated "minorities are seriously misrepresented". 

We agree with Johnson, however we must add, that in Savannah and Chatham county,  minorities are misrepresented, all except the black minority.

* President John Kennedy issued Executive Order 10925 in 1961. The order made the first reference to “affirmative action.”   Later, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was born, which functions to eliminate employment discrimination and  discrimination in public accommodations.  President Lyndon Johnson issued Executive Order 11246 in 1965, which mandated federal contractors practice affirmative action to develop diversity in the workplace and end race-based discrimination, among other sorts.

Is it true at NFBPA National FORUM 2012 conference,  held in Virginia Beach,  Kwame Kilpatrick, the former Mayor of Detroit  (charged with running a criminal enterprise out of the mayor's office)  was a guest speaker?

Yes, and NFBPA also sold Kilpatrick's book , "Surrendered: The rise, fall &  revealation of Kwame Kilpatrick," at the FORUM 2012 conference, to NFBPA Members in attendance.  

ref:     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kwame_Kilpatrick

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