27 February 2011


 update Oct 17, 2012

NFBPA (see mission below) members who work or have worked, for the city of Savannah. To view records of payment see this link here

Carmelia Lowman
City of Savannah, coordinator health and wellness

Carliss Bates
City of Savannah, public information
City of Savannah, coordinator youth council, youth futures authority

Melissa Carter
City of Savannah, administrator property maintenance

Stephanie Cutter
City of Savannah, acting city manager  (Sep 2012 - present) 
City of Savannah, assistant manager     (Dec 2011 - Sep 2012)
City of Savannah, acting assistant city manager (May 2010 - Dec 2011)
City of Savannah, chief sanitation bureau (2002)
City of Savannah, Director residential refuse 
City of Savannah, Coordinator 
City of Savannah, Senior Budget Analyst
City of Savannah, budget analyst (1989)

Kathey Porter
City of Savannah, coordinator Economic Development, Minority/Women Business Enterprises (MWBE)

MarRonde' A. Lumpkin-Lotson
City of Savannah, director economic development ( Jan 2006 - present )

Carolyn H. Bell
Savannah City Council, Alderman At Large 
City of Savannah, director interim management and financial services
City of Savannah, director central service

Sean Brandon
City of Savannah, Management Srvs Bureau Chief  (Jun 2012 - present )
City of Savannah, director parking & mobility (Jun 2009 - Jun 2012)
City of Savannah, Asst to City Manager (Jun 07 - Apr 2009 )

Ciarra Callis
City of Savannah, intern department economic development
NFBPA scholarship recipient

Earline W. Davis
City of Savannah, director housing authority

Luke Gardiner
City of Savannah, Program Administrator 
City of Savannah, director property maintenance
City of Savannah, interim director property maintenance
City of Savannah, administrator construction services dept of housing
City of Savannah, housing rehab dept

Veleeta McDonald
City of Savannah, director mobility & parking (Jul 2012 - present )
City of Savannah, asst director mobility & parking (Jun 2003 - Jul 2012)

Rosalyn J. Truitt
City of Savannah, director development housing authority

Taffanye Young -  2nd Vice President Savannah NFBPA
City of Savannah, chief community & economic development(2012)
City of Savannah, director community planning & development (2000)
City of Savannah, director community Services (1994)
City of Savannah, coordinator neighborhood services (1993)

Allynne Tosca Owens
City of Savannah, economic development

Arneja Riley
City of Savannah, Certification Technician, Economic Development
Minority/Women Business Enterprises (MWBE) Coordinator (CC)

Rochelle Small-Toney
City of Savannah, city manager  (terminated sep 2012)
City of Savannah, city manager acting
City of Savannah, city manager interim
City of Savannah, public development bureau chief
Metropolitan Planning Commission

Israel G. Small
City of Savannah, assistant city manager retired

Randall Toussaint
manager, Savannah Development & Renewal Authority
City of Savannah, housing development

Undine Truedell
City of Savannah, manager project coordinator

Margaret VJ Williams
City of Savannah, chief of staff  (Nov 2006 - present)

Charles G. Middleton
City of Savannah, fire chief

Otis S. Johnson, mayor

Van Johnson, city council

Shawana Jennings
City of Savannnah, Buyer (Apr 2006 -   )

Juanita Simmons
City of Savannah, administrator property maintenance (2006 – 2009)

Dyanne Reese
City of Savannah, clerk of council (1985 - present)

City of Savannah, assistant Clerk of Council (1976 - 1985)
Senior Pastor of Family Nation Church International in Savannah Georgia

Gena P. Taylor
Youth Futures Authority Legislative Committee
Greenbriar executive director 

Latisha Thomas
City of Savannah, Management Fellow
City of Savannah, coordinator management services
City of Savannah, Assistant Revenue Director

***** National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) *****

The mission of the NFBPA is embodied in the organization's commitment to strengthen the position of Blacks within the field of public administration; to increase the number of Blacks appointed to executive positions in public service organizations; and, to groom and prepare younger, aspiring administrators for senior public management posts in the years ahead.

The NFBPA mission is realized through the pursuit of the following important goals:

To serve the magnet organization for linking public, private and academic institutions into an effective network to support interdisciplinary communications, management innovation and professional development among Blacks choosing public service careers.

To provide intensive and rigorous training in critical management areas in response to the specialized needs of Black public sector professionals.

To identify and groom younger, emerging Black administrators and provide relevant exposure to the challenges and rewards of public service careers.

To conduct research on selected social and economic issues endemic to Blacks.

To sponsor and conduct national and regional forums that enable the discussion of timely issues and topical concerns of the Black community.

To develop and maintain a national information bank on the nation's growing Black public administrative leadership.

To promote, strengthen and expand the roles of Blacks in all aspects of public administration.

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