04 March 2011

the forgotten art of writing, Letters

One reaction from writing letters. In reference to NFBPA member Carol Brokaw.

Thank you for reaching out to us. These expenses (NFBPA) should most certainly be paid for out of personal funds. The fact remains that these individuals are only out to serve themselves. In Plainfield, NJ, we have a huge problem with our Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA). Almost everything they do is unchecked and permitted to happen because they are appointed by their cronies. We will continue to fight this injustice and bring it to the attention of our Governor. There have been some arrests lately at other MUA's so we do have hope these individuals will be brought to justice. In the year that you posted that information about Carol Brokaw, she went on 6+ trips. At the time, she was also getting $140 per day for "travel expenses" even though everything was pre-paid with public funds. If there is anything we can do to assist you in your efforts, please let us know. Thanks and keep the faith.


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