14 April 2011

NFBPA email use Chatham County

Email correspondence from and to vjohnson@chathamcounty.org for emails since 2006, containing the following string; National Forum of BLACK Public Administrator (NFBPA)should be investigated and repayment of Govt time should be initiated by Van Johnson to Chatham County.

Van Johnson, Savannah city council member and employee of Chatham county is listed at the National Forum of BLACK Public Administrator (NFBPA) site under nationwide council of presidents (COP) for Savannah METRO. In the contact information, Johnson lists his Chatham county public service email address that is supposed to be used for Chatham county business as a way to contact him concerning NFBPA business.

The big question is this: WHY is this email address being used in this way? Why should the taxpayers pay for Johnson to receive emails from NFBPA while working on Chatham county time?

Johnson also gives a U.S.Postal address for City Council, as a way for NFBPA members to contact him concerning NFBPA business, and this is on the City's dime as well.

This from http://www.nfbpa.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3314


The Hon. Van R. Johnson, II, SPHR
Vice Chair
Savannah City Council
PO Box 8881
Savannah, GA 31412
(912) 652-7964
FAX (912) 652-7973


National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA)
Mission Statement
The mission of the NFBPA is embodied in the organization's commitment to strengthen the position of Blacks within the field of public administration;

to increase the number of Blacks appointed to executive positions in public service organizations;

and, to groom and prepare younger, aspiring administrators for senior public management posts in the years ahead.

The NFBPA mission is realized through the pursuit of the following important goals:

To serve the magnet organization for linking public, private and academic institutions into an effective network to support interdisciplinary communications, management innovation and professional development among Blacks choosing public service careers.

To provide intensive and rigorous training in critical management areas in response to the specialized needs of Black public sector professionals.

To identify and groom younger, emerging Black administrators and provide relevant exposure to the challenges and rewards of public service careers.

To conduct research on selected social and economic issues endemic to Blacks.

To sponsor and conduct national and regional forums that enable the discussion of timely issues and topical concerns of the Black community.

To develop and maintain a national information bank on the nation's growing Black public administrative leadership.

To promote, strengthen and expand the roles of Blacks in all aspects of public administration.

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