15 November 2012

2012 Circus of Crime and anti-white Ringleaders in Savannah, GA

Since 2004, taxpayers of Savannah, Georgia continue to be squeezed by anti-white mayors whom hold a dedicated conviction. So convicted that their first priority of business isn't business at all, it's personal, their skin color.

Former mayor, Otis Johnson publicly admitted his anti-white regime many times over.  Current mayor and former mayor pro-tem under Johnson – Edna Jackson , was elected because she has been a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ( NAACP ) for over sixty years. The NAACP went all over Savannah on Jackson's behalf, signed up black voters, rounded up black voters, gave black voters rides to the polls, coffee, lunch, and most likely liquor shots and cigarettes too. All based on the color of one's skin, all this – just to get votes for Edna Jackson.

Without the aid of the NAACP, Jackson would not have been elected mayor.

Jackson attends and holds professional memberships in multiple “black only” clubs, organizations, banquets, fund raisers, scholarship programs and is retired from Savannah State University, an historically black college/university (HBCU).

What does all this mean?

Regardless of the view Jackson, Johnson or any of their supporters hold, or the view they would like all of Savannah to have; the perception of the non-black  taxpayers, is that if you must separate yourself by your skin color – you are not capable of offering the best outcome to benefit all taxpayers .

Jackson is not being truthful when she states that she wants a United Savannah, something she knows, will never happen under her leadership as long as her first priority is her own skin color, and with her continued use of segregation , concerns and convictions, all exclusive to those with skin color the same as hers.

Which brings us to the recent crime in the news.

64 % blacks attend public schools in the Savannah school system, black juveniles are the helm of the majority. With this ratio, it is expected that most crime in inner city will be committed by a black juvenile. It isn't a racist thing, just the facts.  It's denial from city hall to not acknowledge this.  Instead they try to hide it.

There should be grave concern when crimes are committed against anyone. However, awareness by our leaders should peak when those crimes become random and violent . Something should be addressed, and not a media statement blaming the victims.

11 months into the year when multiple shootings occurred during a very crowded fair event in a known black neighborhood, a neighborhood already documented in 2012 as having multiple shootings, claimed eight black victims, only THEN,  did the mayor want to address Savannah.

Smiley faceSmiley faceSmiley face
Wesley Franklin                           Michael Biancosino      Emily Pickels

What about the random shooting deaths of firefighter Wesley Franklin, aspiring lawyer,  Michael Biancosino, and well known tour guide, Emily Pickels ?

Should we ask the mayor about them?

We won't,  we already know the answer.


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