08 May 2013

Preferential treatment for first BLACK City Clerk?

 When will the treatment end?

Excerpt from SavannahNow  19 JAN 2013

Mayor Otis Johnson is the most recent example. In 2008 and 2009, he documented problems with Reese’s performance.

He granted some allowances for an extended illness, but also noted that while on sick leave, she was traveling to IIMC meetings

He also objected to her niece working in the office, which he deemed a violation of the nepotism policy.

When IIMC colleagues retire, have a death in the family or when its staff needs to be remembered during the holidays, city invoices show Reese sends gifts using city money.

Those examples were all found in payments from 2011.

Within three months, city payment vouchers show, Reese sent a Christmas gift to IIMC staff, a retirement gift to a city clerk in Wisconsin and a gift for an IIMC silent auction.

The combined purchases were less than $200.

A few months later, she made a $50 contribution to the clerk’s education foundation in honor of the president’s mother-in-law, who had passed away.

Reese said Thursday the gifts are sent not only on behalf of the clerk’s association, but also on behalf of the city of Savannah.

April 16, 2009

Official Inquiry Letter from Former Mayor Otis Johnson to Dyanne Reese



-  16 MAY 2006
City paid more than $13,000 for reception and aldermen's airfare as City Clerk

- 18 MAY 2006 - Reese wins election, new position will require a "huge commitment"  Where does that leave the City of Savannah?   http://savannahnow.com/stories/051806/3894897.shtml

- 06 JUN 2006
Reese's tax-funded reception questioned.  Funds used without the approval of council.  http://savannahnow.com/stories/060106/3969401.shtml


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