What former Savannah Mayor Otis Johnson will be remembered for

Otis Johnson, Savannah Mayor 2004 - 2011

The standard mode of operation for Johnson (even today) is to race bait if things don't go his way.  To him, everything is black or white. Us and them.

Johnson's fame mostly comes from the following two quotes, said while he was the Mayor of Savannah, Georgia:

 "I want a city manager that looks like me"
 and , "It's our turn now" .   

A black man and civil rights advocate from the 60's, it was predictable Johnson  would act this way.

Take the city manager search for instance, because three white council members did not like two applicants for city manager, Johnson said it was a racially motivated reason since the two applicants were black.

In a quest that he claimed would move this city forward, Mayor Otis Johnson manipulated his Black agenda as his first and foremost priority, and in the end, managed to racially divide the city of Savannah. Moving forward? -- NOT ......

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2004 / JAN 04   Otis Johnson,  vows to fight poverty and racism

Racism has always existed in Johnson's mind and he continued to bring up the issue throughout 2011. Johnson, is an enabler of the anti-white community. Or a just a plain old, race baiter.

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2004 / DEC 19  Otis Johnson, removes Confederate portraits
(Race based? You betcha!)

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2005 / DEC 24  Otis Johnson, Threatens White Community
(So much for the promise of fighting poverty and racism! )

Debutante slaying shows ugly side of picturesque Savannah

A young white female was shot and killed, it was a black on white crime. Someone said, "People don't care as much when "crack heads" shoot each other."

It is very clear that, Johnson views crackheads synonymously with blacks,  so naturally Johnson thought everyone else saw it this way too,  and Otis thought he had a right to stand on.

As it turns out, only Johnson saw it this way,  and old Otis was most likely jealous of the outrage and support the community showed for the murdered white debutante, and the lack of support showed for dead crackheads. And this is what led Johnson to threaten the "white community," as he put it.

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2011 / MAR 01  The New Racisim

Pretty much globally known that Otis Johnson deals with a black fist upon a white racist world, the world he envisions in his mind.  He would probably agree that he's proud of that too.

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2011 / FEB 03   Mayor 'destroying his legacy'

The legacy of white hatred? Oh, I guess they were speaking of his Mayoral duties?

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2011 / DEC 18  Book - The Journey: From N----- to Mr. Mayor

Otis is the only one calling himself a  N----- !   
And he just couldn't wait to say it either!

Do a google search,  type in: racism "Otis Johnson" .


 is what people

will remember

 Otis Johnson



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