11 August 2013

Savannah a Leader in Anti White Hiring/Promoting

The city of Atlanta has been faced with an upward trend of discrimination in their hiring and promoting practices -- discrimination against whites. 

Many say this is a good indication of the general state of Georgia governments and their hiring practices as well.   And certain officials have found reason and promise to look into the hiring practices of other municipalities in Georgia.

As far as the City of Atlanta violations, one man has been awarded $1.18 million dollars in a discrimination lawsuit.  He was denied a promotion by a black.

Commissioner Emma Darnell wanted to replace an African-American female who left the position,  with another African-American female.   Darnell stated, "there were too many white boys on staff."

The city of Atlanta located in Fulton county has had its share of discrimination lawsuits in recent years.  According the Census Bureau, Fulton county is practically identical in race demographics but blacks in terms of employment, represent 83 percent of the county government jobs.  Savannah will not follow suit, because they are the leader of anti-white hiring and promting practices .   It will only take one white to file a suit for the citizens to realize what is going on. 

The city of Savannah, Board of Education and Chatham county governments already consist of 93 % blacks employed and there are 64% blacks living in the confines of Savannah city as of 2013.  As far as promotions, one only has to look at the current day leaders in these governments to see the discrimination. 

The issue of discrimination against whites has risen under the Obama administration and with the introduction of the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) amendment that was added to the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill in 2010, it has received more visibility.

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