27 March 2011

Small-Toney NFBPA National Level

Remember, Rochelle Small-Toney belongs to the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. She is not just active in this organization at the local (Savannah) level, but was elected to the national board of directors (her photo is at this bod page) of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators in April 2010.

What this means is, RST will need to travel to forums and other places to speak to people to PROMOTE BLACKS ONLY, at the National (around the USA) level. For instance the National Forum happens soon, around April 16th 2011 in Chicago, Small-Toney is likely to attend since she sits on the NATIONAL Board of directors.

The total cost of such a trip could cost $6,000 at least.

Taxpayers should not be paying for Rochelle Small-Toney's personal memberships/forum attendence cost/ airfare/ lodging/ food for NFBPA. Anyone can join these forums and banquets , as long as they agree to promote BLACKS only, over all others.

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